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Calories in Fruit & Veg


Our calorie counter shows how many calories in popular fruit and vegetables…
Food Serving Kcal
  Red Kidney Beans In Water, Tesco* 1 Can/420g 391  
Potatoes, Baked, Flesh & Skin 1 Med/180g 245
  Banana Fresh, Weighed Without Skin 1 Med/150g 143  
Sweet Corn, Green Giant* 1 Can/200g 140
  Apricots, Dried, Sundora* 1 Serving/50g 83  
  Pear, Average, Raw 1 Med/170g 68  
Orange 1 Med/160g 59
  Garden Peas, Bird's Eye* 1 Serving/85g 53  
Potatoes, New, Boiled in Salted Water 100g 53
Cherries, Black, Raw 100g 51
Apples, Eating, Raw 1 Med/112g 53
  Mango, Raw 225g 60  
  Blueberries, Raw 100g 60  
  Kiwi Fruit 100g 49  
  Onions, Raw 100g 36  
Peach, Raw 1 Med/110g 36
  Plums 100g 36  
Satsumas 100g 36
  Cauliflower, Raw 100g 34  
  Broccoli, Green, Raw 100g 33  
Peppers, Capsicum, Red Raw 100g 32
  Carrots, Young, Raw 100g 30  
Broccoli, Raw 100g 30
Strawberries, Raw 100g 27
  Melon, Average 100g 24  
Green Beans, French Beans Boiled in Unsalted Water 100g 22
  Courgette, Raw 100g 18  
Grapes, Average 100g 17
  Tomato, Raw 1 Med/85g 14  
Lettuce, Average, Raw 100g 14
  Mushrooms, Common, Raw 100g 13  
Cucumber, Raw 100g 10


The above calorie information has been taken from Weight Loss Resources.


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